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Fitness Journeys NYC is run by Jason Ferrugia, a fitness instructor from New York. He started with fitness trips and then turned fitness vacations into a full-fledged business. After this event, he started to look at health and fitness journeys as a way to improve his life. He began to meet other people who shared the same goals as him. After meeting bloggers, podcasters, and other internet entrepreneurs, he saw the potential of offering a monthly magazine subscription at the fitness journey’s website. After further brainstorming, he began to work on creating an online community for fitness journeys. This community is available to everyone interested in becoming part of this exciting online community. Members are encouraged to help each other achieve their personal goals, and to share their experiences and ideas with each other.

Best Coaches

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To date, this company still provides fitness journeys and related services. In addition, he continues to work on his plan to create a nationwide network of fitness coaches. One of the ways that this plan will work is through the use of social media. Through this method, members of the community can stay connected with each other and stay inspired by the daily challenges that they face. These blogs and articles will provide the inspiration needed to continue making improvements to the fitness journey.

Ultimate Success

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As mentioned above, the fitness journey consists of the ultimate goal: working out in a private gym or a group of people. For many people, this goal is easier to attain if they have some or all of the following benefits: a workout partner, a good trainer, free weights and/or machines to use, a variety of exercise types, a location that provides privacy, and rest days. These benefits can be achieved through several different methods.

Achieving Objectives

First of all, one of the keys to achieving your fitness goals is to find a good gym or group of gyms to join. A good place to start is by choosing a big goal that you want to achieve. If you have a specific body type or health goal, then finding the right type of equipment may be the key to success. Once you have chosen a gym, the next step is to set short-term goals that must be met each day.

Short Term Goals

Setting short-term goals will give you a gauge to see if you are working out as often as you should be. If you only workout three times a week at your local gym, then this could indicate that you are missing out on an important opportunity. It’s also recommended that you workout at least three times a week no matter where you choose to visit.

If you find yourself missing your first workout too often, try going to your local gym for your next workout, even if it means traveling for several hours. Many individuals find this to be an effective way of overcoming the “homebody” syndrome. When you arrive at your local gym, the personal trainers are usually very kind and patient with beginners. They may offer you individual attention so that you can ensure that you are making the most of your workouts.


For some individuals, these short-term workouts might take a while to feel like a routine, but in the end they feel as if their workouts have paid off. For others, these short-term workouts might take too long. It is up to you to decide what method suits you best as you journey towards your ultimate fitness goals.

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